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We Make Technology Work for You

TechFulcrum works from the client's perspective to create a balanced technology solution.

TechFulcrum is a team of experienced entertainment professionals who understand AV technology including Audio, Video, and Show Control. Providing services such as Design, Engineering, Consulting, Technical Direction, and Project Management, our team has worked on projects ranging from entire theme parks and cruise ships to a single attraction or theater.

TechFulcrum is not a system integrator, but rather we work from the client’s perspective to engineer an appropriate balance of technology to further the story or purpose of your project. We work with you to help determine what is needed, engineer a solution, help prepare a bid package to go out to system integrators if desired, and if it is needed, help you choose an appropriate integrator.

TechFulcrum is your trusted partner to help you have a successful project.



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Who We Serve

TechFulcrum services appeal to many key stakeholders in the themed entertainment markets.

Operators of Parks, Attractions, & Museums

We understand your needs. TechFulcrum can provide consulting, drawing packages, and bid packages as well as Technical Direction and Project Management services.

Producers, Directors, Designers, Architects

Let TechFulcrum help fulfill your creative vision. We can start early to allow the technology to support you as opposed to just having equipment bolted on later.

System Integrators

Whether to help manage resources, or to tackle a discipline that requires specialty expertise, TechFulcrum can help augment your team.
TechFulcrum can provide you with drawing sets and documentation branded for your company, Project Management and Technical Direction, commissioning services, and programming.

Our Services

TechFulcrum offers a variety of specialty services. Some clients may only require select services, while others opt to have TechFulcrum provide a comprehensive solution.


Our experienced team works with your team to listen to what is desired, research the needs, explore options, and create an appropriate technology plan to further the story or purpose of the project. The goal is to make informed decisions that are appropriate to the project.


TechFulcrum can save you money. We can help you figure out what technology is required, and what technology is not needed. Does your system need to be cutting edge, or is tried and true more appropriate? Our team looks at the Total Cost of Ownership - not just up front expense, but also the cost of operation and service. With product selection, we consider the maintenance costs, the speed of repair or replacement should there be be an issue, the amount of training required, efficient stocking of spare parts, and the cost of operation.


Let TechFulcrum worry about the details so you don't have to.


TechFulcrum creates complete drawing packages and documentation to the level required.


Beginning with Schematic Design, working with the stakeholders a package is created to communicate the overall concept to the team. Major systems are defined, and the connectivity between systems is illustrated. This allows the stakeholders to make appropriate decisions before moving forward, and prevents getting too far down an incorrect path.


Detailed Design furthers the work done in Schematic Design. Systems and placements are detailed, facility impact is determined, and a drawing package is created that can be incorporated into a bid package to go out to integrators and be provided to trades such as electricians so that cable can be pulled.


If needed, Construction Drawings are created that provide all of the information that a team would need to build and install the project. This would include cable labeling, mounting details, and necessary configuration information such as addressing.


We understand technology - We understand the real world.


Our team has been there. We have been operators, managers, and technicians. We spend time in theme parks, museums, and attractions. We do not spend all of our time in an office.


Because we have been there, and because we continue to immerse ourselves and learn about not just technology, but also about the market and operations, we are thinking about the big picture. We care about things like throughput, guest satisfaction, dwell time, operational simplicity, the ease of maintenance, and minimum down time.


Let's sit down and discuss your project.

Technical Direction

Every project has a team. This can be comprised of stakeholders, the client and various people or departments in their organization, architects, the creative team, vendors, and others. Generally all of these parties are coming to a project with different perspectives and different priorities. The creative team has a vision they want to make sure does not get tainted, the operator wants something easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain, the contractor may want to build something quickly and move on, a vendor may want to sell more product, and of course those in finance want to spend as little money as possible. Not all of these priorities are aligned, yet they all are important.


A Technical Director on a project can bridge the gap between these various team members and priorities. A TD's goal is to ensure that there is appropriate communication between the parties, that the priorities of the project are maintained, and to keep a watchful eye on the bigger picture to ensure that the technical details of a project are covered. This translates to money saved through the reduction of duplicate efforts, the early identification of scope gaps, and the appropriate sequencing of efforts.

Project Management

Effective Project Management is key to not wasting money. Budget, Schedule, and Communication should be the priorities for any project manager.


Especially for System Integrators, TechFulcrum provides Project Management for technical projects. We can generate a schedule, manage a budget, and organize and run a team to to get your project fabricated and installed. Perhaps your resources are occupied, or you are looking for someone experienced in your type of project, TechFulcrum can augment your team with Project Management to promote a successful project.





These days many systems require some level of programming. This means that best equipment, with the most elegantly designed system can only truly shine with solid programming.


From control systems to distributed audio systems, TechFulcrum can provide the necessary programming resources for your project.


While the equipment is being installed, TechFulcrum can provide over site of the system integrator and other trades to ensure the design intent of the project is being followed, and that the owner is receiving the equipment and system that was purchased.


This can be carried further to FAT and SAT testing, or even further to providing the actual configuration, testing, and tuning of the system including audio system correction and tuning.

Our Core Team

Individually, we represent years of diverse experience and excellence in technology and the themed entertainment industry. Together, we share a confluence of values, a passion for excellence, and an involved desire to help our customers succeed.

We would like you to meet several featured members of our core team.

Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold


Scott Arnold


Scott has over 25 years in the themed entertainment and AV industries.

Scott has been involved in major theme park projects around the world for Universal, Disney, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Chimelong, Six Flags, Herschend Family Entertainment, and Warner International. He has led various technology discipline design and installation teams, or has been Technical Director for such award-winning projects as KaTonga at Busch Gardens Tampa; the Believe Shamu Show and the One Ocean Shamu show in three SeaWorld parks; and Blue Horizons in Sea World San Diego. He has been the Program Manager for various Chimelong Ocean Kingdom projects including the Park-Wide Audio design and integration, parade audio and control, and the lagoon show.


Scott’s casino experience includes 5 properties in Las Vegas, one in Atlantic City, and one in New Mexico. Scott’s maritime experience includes projects for most of the ships in the Princess Cruises fleet; design contributions for the Quantum of the Seas groundbreaking aft lounge; various other cruise projects for NCL, Princess, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, and Disney; and involvement with several large yacht projects including the 4th largest private yacht in the world.


Touring production experience includes Disney Fair, the largest touring production in history; Disney's Animal Kingdom promotional tour, and UFO Encounters. Other projects include numerous stunt shows and ice shows. Museum and Visitor Center experience includes the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center Top Of The Rock, the NY Historical Society, and the Outdoor Adventure Center Museum in Detroit.


An experienced Technical Director and business person with global experience, Scott has a diversified background with the consultation, design and management of projects ranging from theme parks, to casinos, to cruise ships, and he has been involved with projects in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Roger Bates

Roger Bates

Senior Video Systems Designer

Roger Bates

Senior Video Systems Designer

Growing up in a theme park family, Roger experienced the entertainment industry at an early age. Roger has a diversified background including experience with mall entertainment complexes for the Rouse Company of Maryland, cinema projection for Wehrenberg Theaters, almost 30 years in theme parks including 20 years with SeaWorld, and since 2010 he has been designing and engineering video systems for a collection of different clients including SeaWorld.


Roger’s years in theme parks include time with Six Flags and primarily SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment and encompass a diversified skill set. He has installed, designed, and maintained numerous venues in several parks around the country. Laser, pyro, film, lighting, and primarily video are all areas of expertise. He has trained and managed operators and technicians and has spent many years working on special event production and new show installation. Since leaving SeaWorld in 2010, Roger has continued with designing and engineering numerous video system projects around the world including many projection, LED and processing system projects.


Some of Roger’s video and film projects include:
For various SeaWorld parks: Laser and film on water screen for Mermaids Myths and Monsters, The Mystic Nights of Tir Na Nog; film projection for Manatees the Last Generation; video editing and programming for Sea of Trees; video programming and operation for Shamu Rocks, Shamu Believe, Shamu World Focus, Shamu Rocks America; video programming for One Ocean and Light Up the Night; video system design for the new video front end and LED screen system for Shamu Stadium for SeaWorld San Antonio.


For Dubai Parks:
Roger provided a significant amount of the on-site commissioning, projector alignment, and system configuration for most the attractions in both the MotionGate and Bollywood parks.


For Chimelong:
Roger has designed video mapping solutions including for Chimelong’s Ocean Kingdom icon. He designed the video system, projection, and other video elements for the Deep Dive Adventure ride in Ocean Kingdom. He has designed video systems for several other theaters and attractions for various Chimelong parks and is currently working on several new venues.


For Universal Studios:
Roger is currently working on the video design for a new attraction that will open in Universal Studios Florida which includes LED, projection mapping, CCTV, and unique video processing.


For Disney:
Initial video system and projection design for Pirates of the Caribbean - Eye of the Storm stunt show for Disney Shanghai and has designed and commissioned several exciting upcoming projects including two for a cruise ship.


Other Projects:
Roger designed the video and projection systems for the Outdoor Adventure center museum in Detroit, he designed a major video projection project for a private superyacht, he executed the video commissioning and programming for the Wolfsonian museum in Miami Florida, and he designed the video system for a rehearsal studio complex for a major cruise line. He has also done a variety of cruise ship projects including video system and projection design for the groundbreaking aft lounge for Quantum of the Seas, the design for Virtual Balconies, and numerous LED screen and system designs.

Mark Wendt

Mark Wendt

VP Engineering Production

Mark Wendt

VP Engineering Production

Mark has over 11 years of experience in the themed entertainment and AV industries.


With a background in Surveying and Mapping, and holding a license in two states, Mark brings a unique perspective to themed entertainment. With 27 years of experience in the surveying world, and 11 years of experience in the themed entertainment and AV markets, Mark is an asset to the team.


Marks’s theme park experience includes design work for Disney Shanghai; Believe, Shamu Rocks, and One Ocean, for SeaWorld Orlando and San Diego; Blue Horizons, Turtle Trek, and the Wild Arctic refit for SeaWorld San Diego; the Verbolten Roller Coaster for Bush Gardens Williamsburg; Dolphin Stadium, Sea Lion Stadium, Beluga Stadium, Deep Dive Adventure, the Lagoon Show, and the Rides Expansion for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom; and six venues for Chimelong’s Marine Science Center.


Mark’s museum experience includes The Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit Michigan, the Wolfsonian in Miami Florida, and the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama. His casino experience includes Sam’s Town in Las Vegas Nevada.


Mark’s maritime experience includes work on the design for the award-winning aft lounge for Quantum of the Seas, the Oasis of the Seas, the land-based the rehearsal studios, as well as other projects for Royal Caribbean. He was part of the design team for the 2016 NCL Sun refit as well as refit deign for the Gem and other NCL ships, and he was part of the team for the design of the 4th largest private yacht in the world.

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook

Project Manager

Kevin Cook

Project Manager

Kevin has over 36 years in the themed entertainment industry.


A veteran of SeaWorld, Kevin has held such positions as Director, Theatrical Services & Entertainment Operations, Director, Theatrical Services, and Director of Plant Engineering. He has been a technician and technical manager at various levels and has been responsible for both the installation and the operations for such award-winning shows as Blue Horizons, Believe, One Ocean and Shamu Rocks nighttime show as well as such attractions as Journey to Atlantis, Manta, Mission Bermuda Triangle, Wild Arctic and Shipwreck Rapids.


Kevin’s experience goes beyond the technical realm with time spent managing the various park support shops to include; sign, scenic, costume, employee wardrobe, technical services, media studio, theatrical services and show operations.


Kevin has worked with various outside consultants, production teams, scenic designers and scenic houses on multiple fixed shows and seasonal events at SeaWorld San Diego.

Linda Portilla

Linda Portilla

Business Manager

Linda Portilla

Business Manager

Linda has 9 years in the AV industry.


Nick Chapman

Nick Chapman


Nick Chapman


Nick has over 17 years in theatre and live music and more than 8 years in the themed entertainment and AV industries.


Nick has been involved in major Cruise ship projects for Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Disney Cruise Line and involvement with several large yacht projects including the 4th largest private yacht in the world.


He has held various technology discipline design and installation as well as running installation teams. For projects like Chimelong Ocean Kingdom projects including the Park-Wide Audio integration, parade audio and control. He has been an installation technician for such award-winning shows as Believe and One Ocean as well as such attractions as Wild Arctic.


Nick’s experience goes beyond the AV realm with time spent in theatre as a technical director and Master carpenter. With 17 years of experience and hundreds of shows as a carpenter, metal fabricator, lighting tech and sound board operator.

Zoe Lau

Zoe Lau

Coordinator & Translator

Zoe Lau

Coordinator & Translator

Before becoming immersed in the entertainment industry over a year ago, Zoe spent the previous 7 years working in Project Management and Translating in technical fields.


Zoe in an experienced Coordinator, Translator, and Project Manager. Prior to joining TechFulcrum, while at Beijing Xingguang (Starlight) Film & TV Equipment Technologies, Zoe participated in the construction and launching of the Shanghai Disney Resort project. As a Translator and Coordinator, she worked on the ground-breaking stunt show “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular,” coordinating aspects of the on-site installation and providing translation for the Project Manager and Technical Manager.


Prior to her Disney experience, for more than 5 years Zoe was the Overseas Operation Supervisor for the Hainan Dynamic Vanguard Network Technology Company, providing Project Management and Translation. Her earlier experience at Star Prototype Manufacturing Company, providing Project Management and Translation, included successfully developing the first supplier on magnesium pressure die casting.


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